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Expounding on the concept of Maranatha in an attempt to make intellectual sense of a fallen cosmos.

Singleness as Sabbath



Singleness is a sabbath

A resting of the soul

A quietness inside

That makes the peaces whole


Singleness is bird

Who has no tethered feet

Only open air

And drafty heights to meet


Singleness is a time

To love oneself more wholly

To calm the stalking impulse

And breathe your breath more slowly


Singleness is a knowing

Of who you really are

Understanding how think

Where no one steps up to spar


Singleness is loving

Yourself in your entirety

Because it’s not selfish to be selfish

To treat yourself more gently


Singleness is a home

That flows to your own vibe

With rooms that echo your loves

Where things posses the value you ascribe


Singleness is a joy

To come and go at will

To wander on a whim

Or to sit on the couch and chill


Singleness is a passion

For your own unabridged heart

To keep its mosaic pieces together

As the original work of art


Singleness is an option

We don’t have to squander

The half of our wholeness

For the stuff that hormones ponder


Singleness is sovereign

And dancing all alone

Makes you your own queen

Ruling your own throne


Singleness is a hope

An extravagant vested interest

That you are always improving

With your ardent vintage



For Real



I’m sitting still

On the windward side

Of this somber jettie

Watching the rising tide


I am immersed

Absently preoccupied

On forcing my thoughts

To be more simplified


I think it’s important

To cadently specify

The deductions

I’ve identified


Lovers don’t water

The desert inside

Nor all the organic foods

I have tried.


Entertainment won’t call

To life what has died

Even exercise won’t deliver

From death’s bedside


All my ensembles

Have gone wayside

And costume jewelry

Has oxidized


All I have ever wanted

Has left me unsatisfied

All these commercials

They have lied


But if your ears hear

I will confide

That gratitude does not

Have a downside


Unless you’re a consumer

Who never provides

Anything in addition

To what’s been described


Shyness is a form of pride

Bushling your light

Is arrogance

Simply classified


So fly across

That great divide

And shine yourself

As bona fide


Because life is a vapor

But art can solidify

And dead men can

Come alive


For our lonely hearts

Are all beatified

That place where God’s

Light and love collide



Matthew 5:45


Rain falls on

The just and the unjust

On thieves and moths

And rust

On folded hands

And broken lands


Rain falls on

Overflowing cups

And the dusty dryness

In the rut

In peaceful shade

And blood soaked blade


Rain falls on

Land of milk and honey

On people who love and lack

The money

On abundant wealth

And empty shelf


Rain falls on

Over billowing ocean

And the dry desert dunes

Sandy motion

On swamp sunflower

And cactus flower


Rain falls on

Supplying what we need

In our contentment and in

Our greed

On a feral forest child

Veiled in civility for a while


Rain falls on

The just and unjust

On fertile field

And drought dust

On the raging nations

And the garden’s quiet patience


Rainbow Rolling on the Route: 5 Rules for Improving Your Rock Gym Experience


I am thinking about how we do not play as much as we need to, and also how when we do play we make it boring by introducing too many rules. I love the rock gym, and I would like to propose a method of making the rock gym even more fun.

Today, I am at the rock gym. Everyone is happy; however, everyone is playing this game called “The Route.” The official rules of The Route state you must be absolutely certain that you only touch on the same color of “rockie thingie.”  The game, The Route, may have too many rules. It has also been accused of being racist.

I am watching several people are standing around like an REI road crew watching the guy on the wall so they can get on The Route after he falls off.  There is duck tape on sticking on the little rockie thingies. The duck tape indicates the various levels of awesomeness on a scale of V0 to V10. V0 indicating you are not as hot as sriracha, and V10 indicating you have more instafollowers than the son of an Arab oil tycoon. Do not include alternatively colored rockie thingies in your V10 climb. If you do, you have to go to rock gym jail without collecting 200 followers.

So all these wonderful rules provides a super-backdrop for celebration. Just like the joy of  picking up your middle schooler blasting The Flight of the Valkyries with super bass, the joy of deviating from The Route in front of a bunch of people with fancy camping jackets is consummate.

So here is my new game. Its called Rainbow Rolling. The Rigid rules of Rainbow Rolling are as follows

  1. You may only touch a rockie thingie if it looks like the most fun rockie thingie to touch next.
  2. You may not form opinions of other people based on the Vscale
  3. You must immediately get off the wall and practice handstands as soon as that becomes more interesting
  4. You must take at least 4 shameless selfies with cute guys in the background. If you take 6 you get extra points.
  5. You should forget your chalk bag and confidently tell that cute guy whom you have recently made instafamous, thank you, but you do not need chalk because it makes the rockie thingies more slippery.
  6. This is not a rule, but you should also at some point lay on your back in the middle of the floor…. just to let everyone know that you do -in fact- own the place.

So that is it: a simple 5 ruled game for making awesome more awesomer. Come play with me. I am more funner!


Pain Unwasted


the quiet empty of the Lonely

like the clipping of the bonsai tree

——-creates an empty space

——-where superficial is erased

and creates a beauty in simplicity

(i am free)


when Sadness burns around the heart

it incinerates the foolish parts

——-the strong bit remains

——-unveiled by the pain

giving viable tissue a growing start

(i am smart)


the Prince of Despair’s been beaten

his remaining waning time is fleeting

——-he ferociously fights

——-with beastly bites

his thwarted spirit is seething

(i will not be grieving)


because Suffering can capriciously refine

or demolish the mortal mind

——-as water heals the ground

——-but can also make you drown

Suffering and change are always intertwined

(i am fine)


so when at last i see His face

and am consumed by amazing Grace

——-the things meant for evil should

——-all turn out for our Good

this hope quickens me for the race

(i have faith)


now to press on to the upward Goal

a light and freeing fulfilled soul

——-i can sing a brand new song

——-and forgive all those who are wrong

my ship cannot wreck upon that shoal

(i am bold)


new days are coming. ‘twill not be long.

and i will find myself to be Strong

——-the past is behind

——-yet it boosts me to climb

to make things right in a world that is wrong

(i do belong)


and though the sun bores through my skin

and evil shadows loom long and thin

——-a wren is singing on that branch

——-and a monarch arcs her wings to dance

so i will set a stalwart smile upon my aching chin

(i will win)


while all the night we may sink in mourning

Mercies are rising on the wings of the morning

——-the new day dawns

——-the new baby yawns

while birds fill the air with songful soaring

(i am battle roaring)


so now what should i choose

what should my suffering cause me to loose:

——-my Happiness and Sanity

——-or all my selfish vanity?

the rope that saves me will not be my noose.

(i refuse)