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My poetry

Singleness as Sabbath



Singleness is a sabbath

A resting of the soul

A quietness inside

That makes the peaces whole


Singleness is bird

Who has no tethered feet

Only open air

And drafty heights to meet


Singleness is a time

To love oneself more wholly

To calm the stalking impulse

And breathe your breath more slowly


Singleness is a knowing

Of who you really are

Understanding how think

Where no one steps up to spar


Singleness is loving

Yourself in your entirety

Because it’s not selfish to be selfish

To treat yourself more gently


Singleness is a home

That flows to your own vibe

With rooms that echo your loves

Where things posses the value you ascribe


Singleness is a joy

To come and go at will

To wander on a whim

Or to sit on the couch and chill


Singleness is a passion

For your own unabridged heart

To keep its mosaic pieces together

As the original work of art


Singleness is an option

We don’t have to squander

The half of our wholeness

For the stuff that hormones ponder


Singleness is sovereign

And dancing all alone

Makes you your own queen

Ruling your own throne


Singleness is a hope

An extravagant vested interest

That you are always improving

With your ardent vintage



How To Get Rid of Your Dragon



There is a fire burning

And slowly rolling up the mountain

Flowing from the measured breath

Of a raging iron dragon


Its rolling in a current

Of oily thickened smoke

Its blotting out the sun

With asphyxiating smoke


The dragon’s name is Fear

He feasts on children’s dreams

He swallows hope with fervor

He’s bursting at the seams


Fattened on our thoughts

And consumed creativity

He ingests our humble freedom

To play in liberty


There is a storm arising

On the morning’s wings

It will flush your stuff away

But it will also make you clean


It’s pouring as a deluge

A mighty wild torrent

It washes away the dragon

In its overwhelming current


Now the dragon’s gone

But so are all your plans

Of what you were gonna do

And the schedule you demand


But now comes the whirlwind

It dries up all the water

That soaked into all your hardwood

But you’re not sure you’re any better


Because the whirlwind

Blew your roof away

And lots of other things
You thought were gonna stay


But these tiny little bean sprouts

Are poking from the earth

And these burnt up pine cones

Are flexing out their worth


Bitty baby buds

Are busting out their branches

And chipper bouncing birdies

Are busting out their dances


So you may not have a house

And you may not have a car

But at least there is no dragon

Spewing filthy tar


You may not have a job

And you’ll never get a loan

But you do have the ability

To wander and to roam


You may not have a roof

And you may wonder why

But at least you can see

The wild starry sky


So let it come

And so let it be

Let love roll on and on


For in fire, wind, and water

All the masks are melting
Revealing the unvarnished truth

Of the way that we’re dwelling


For everything is permissible

But not always beneficial

And it is not even sacrifice

To lose your artificial


For men of blood will not

Live out even half their days

What God decides will be done

And light shine on our ways


But the child with no home

Is Heaven’s adopted child

They always grow up to be

Free and strong and wild


So really it is better

To walk in the ancient ways

And live life in its moments

As they roll on throughout the day



A Christmas Spring



Under the silence

Of winter snow

Spring feels she has

Nothing to show


For all the efforts

Of her rain

She feels she

Has no lasting name


But the quiet

Won’t last long

With the rising

Christmas song


Silent stars

In silent night

Make no response

To prayer tonight


Somewhere above

Lie streets of gold

But underneath

Is gnashing cold


And in the flurry

All hope of spring

Invisibly riding

Heaven’s wing


With silly little

Ten tiny toes

Wrapped in dirty

Swaddling clothes


In Him is no

Darkness at all

A light to keep us

From the fall


His glory is

So far away

If you fathomed

Your mind would fray


But here spring

Is birthing in the snow

And hope is rising

In the alpenglow



For Real



I’m sitting still

On the windward side

Of this somber jettie

Watching the rising tide


I am immersed

Absently preoccupied

On forcing my thoughts

To be more simplified


I think it’s important

To cadently specify

The deductions

I’ve identified


Lovers don’t water

The desert inside

Nor all the organic foods

I have tried.


Entertainment won’t call

To life what has died

Even exercise won’t deliver

From death’s bedside


All my ensembles

Have gone wayside

And costume jewelry

Has oxidized


All I have ever wanted

Has left me unsatisfied

All these commercials

They have lied


But if your ears hear

I will confide

That gratitude does not

Have a downside


Unless you’re a consumer

Who never provides

Anything in addition

To what’s been described


Shyness is a form of pride

Bushling your light

Is arrogance

Simply classified


So fly across

That great divide

And shine yourself

As bona fide


Because life is a vapor

But art can solidify

And dead men can

Come alive


For our lonely hearts

Are all beatified

That place where God’s

Light and love collide



Matthew 5:45


Rain falls on

The just and the unjust

On thieves and moths

And rust

On folded hands

And broken lands


Rain falls on

Overflowing cups

And the dusty dryness

In the rut

In peaceful shade

And blood soaked blade


Rain falls on

Land of milk and honey

On people who love and lack

The money

On abundant wealth

And empty shelf


Rain falls on

Over billowing ocean

And the dry desert dunes

Sandy motion

On swamp sunflower

And cactus flower


Rain falls on

Supplying what we need

In our contentment and in

Our greed

On a feral forest child

Veiled in civility for a while


Rain falls on

The just and unjust

On fertile field

And drought dust

On the raging nations

And the garden’s quiet patience