Shocked awake

In fight or flight

The stars are howling

In the night


The dark’s encroaching

On breath of life

The shadows writhe

I leap to fight


Grasping ghosts

With wild eyes

Wrestling wraiths

With bloody cries


Plunged into air

I leap and twist

And break a solid

With desperate fist


Shocked awake

In the kitchen

How did I wander

This peculiar distance


A clock is ticking

The sink is dripping

The moon is rising

And time is slipping


Spirits gone

Like receding waves

Back to their hollow

Designated graves


Bedsheets billow

On a laundry line

But dreams come a-haunting

Slyly sublime


In the spanish moss

The moon blinks a peek

The hours run like children

Playing hide and seek


And memories return

Like hail on cornfields

I will not run

From the past revealed


I have to face it

To stand and let it burn

Otherwise tis meaningless

Another empty turn


So let it burn

The smoke climbs higher

The strength’s refined

And weakness lost in fire.


What do you think?