The Tombs of the Gadarenes


Once there was a naked man

Who’s screaming was obscene

Roaming amongst the tombs

Of the ancient Gadarenes


His father was sad

He could not recall

When the evil began

For it started out so small


Most children, they cry

For the sacrificial lamb

But he sliced it so stoically

With his 8 year old hand


He is unfortunately intelligent

His father would say

As the boy brought home loot

He swindled at play


The girl that he murdered

Was a sensitive sort

Not the kind to which

Evil usually consorts


They found the bludgeoned

Pieces of her heart

Amongst the deserted tombs

With her other body parts


They tried to hold him under guard

With shackles and chains

He chewed and ripped his flesh

Seeming to feel no pain


The priest pushed for stoning

Under the Law of Moses

We are too civilized for that

The people replied, groaning


And so he “lived”

In that wretched estate

Imbuing the tombs

With his aura of hate


He thought to himself

In a moment of clarity

I don’t know who I am

It seems there are so many of me


The stars they screamed overhead

The moon leered it’s evil eye

He had to holler back at them

To hold them up on high


He hated to wear clothing

It touched and rubbed his skin

He had to run around naked

And let the cold wind in


Who were these other humans

With their bright and bulging faces

They have snatchy hands and shuffy feet

And unpredictable silent gazes


I don’t know who I am

But I know that if I eat their death

Than I will never die

Never draw my final breath


One night he had a dream

About the lamb whose throat he’d slit

And he longed for his childhood

Now lost in time’s frozen grip


Homeless, raggedy Jesus

Came into town like a king

Claiming to be the Son of God,

Water, bread, Word and many other things


I know him and I hate him

The demoniac said

He opened his mouth to say so

But the others talked instead


What have I to do with you

Jesus, Son of the Most High

Have you come here now to torment me

Before it is my time?


Jesus focused on him

And he recognized his pain

Jesus asked him, saying,

What is your name?


He realized he did not know

His name was long forgotten

Like his childhood that was gone

A memory decayed, absent, and rotten.


He opened his mouth to say,

Please, I do need a new name

But the words came out, “Legion,

There are many players in this game.


Now, Jesus we know you are a tormentor

But please just give us this

Let us go into that herd of pigs

Instead of the Abyss.”




The pigs they jerked awake

From lounging and violently

Crashed over one another

In their charging rush into the sea.


Their keepers also jerked awake

And ran into the town

To tell the owners of the pigs

How their profits had been drowned


They begged the God-man now to go

With all the manners they could muster

They told Him how valuable pigs were

With an air of monetary bluster


Jesus returned then to the water

To get into His boat

While all around those valuable pig bodies

Were bobbing garishly afloat


“I must go with you,

I cannot stay

My life has only been

Confusing shades of gray!”


“No. Return home

And care for you father

For he is sick with the grief

That he has lost a son and has no other.


So when the ragged king

Returned to visit the next year

He was greeted

With festivities and cheer.


…..The pigs were a little nervous though….


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  1. There always is good in man’s heart but do we know this! Do we know what we do and why? Do we help or just stand a side?

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