Pain Unwasted


the quiet empty of the Lonely

like the clipping of the bonsai tree

——-creates an empty space

——-where superficial is erased

and creates a beauty in simplicity

(i am free)


when Sadness burns around the heart

it incinerates the foolish parts

——-the strong bit remains

——-unveiled by the pain

giving viable tissue a growing start

(i am smart)


the Prince of Despair’s been beaten

his remaining waning time is fleeting

——-he ferociously fights

——-with beastly bites

his thwarted spirit is seething

(i will not be grieving)


because Suffering can capriciously refine

or demolish the mortal mind

——-as water heals the ground

——-but can also make you drown

Suffering and change are always intertwined

(i am fine)


so when at last i see His face

and am consumed by amazing Grace

——-the things meant for evil should

——-all turn out for our Good

this hope quickens me for the race

(i have faith)


now to press on to the upward Goal

a light and freeing fulfilled soul

——-i can sing a brand new song

——-and forgive all those who are wrong

my ship cannot wreck upon that shoal

(i am bold)


new days are coming. ‘twill not be long.

and i will find myself to be Strong

——-the past is behind

——-yet it boosts me to climb

to make things right in a world that is wrong

(i do belong)


and though the sun bores through my skin

and evil shadows loom long and thin

——-a wren is singing on that branch

——-and a monarch arcs her wings to dance

so i will set a stalwart smile upon my aching chin

(i will win)


while all the night we may sink in mourning

Mercies are rising on the wings of the morning

——-the new day dawns

——-the new baby yawns

while birds fill the air with songful soaring

(i am battle roaring)


so now what should i choose

what should my suffering cause me to loose:

——-my Happiness and Sanity

——-or all my selfish vanity?

the rope that saves me will not be my noose.

(i refuse)