Wings of Spring



Flighty sparrows flitting fast

around buzzing budding trees

being Spring’s full-blooded version

of Autumn’s dancing leaves.


Buzzing bees in flower wars hum

on thrumming growing ground.

The sprightly sprouts twist and shout

a vibrant greenish sound.


New Year’s sun Marches higher

rising in arching assent.

Now Winter’s frame’s unfrozen.

He packs his icy tent.


Crimson Cardinal’s laughing

crunching my sunflower seeds.

She’s laying up elliptical treasures

weaving baskets in the trees.


The potatoes I have planted

are like Saints laid to their rest

they’re waiting for resurrection

like Cardinal’s eggs laid in her nest.


But baby chickens bounce their breasts

vying for pecking order

to know who’s chicky boss

and who stays at social border.


My quiet black bull dog

rests peacefully at guard

and watches over springtime

as it rises in my yard.