Bubbled eyes

and rubber nose

he’s slick and shiny

to his toes


with twisty tail

and poka-dotts,

amphibious humor’s

what he’s gots


In camouflage quite

excellent hider

pouncing and chomping

the darkling  Spider


The grace of the muck

the prince of the mire

he cannot be burned

by the spiraling fire


His bright eyes burning

from his shadowy creek

waking Willow DaWisp

from her mythical sleep


Keeper of secrets

of the forests’ deep night

he guards the Story

of the courage of life


The story is written

on fiery ember

hung in tree limb

To be remembered


The story is epic,

a whole universe deep,

but it waits to be told,

to be roused from its sleep


The children will find him

guarding this log

he hides on his bookshelf

in his murky black bog


The children will listen

and hear the swamp sing

the mysteries of new life

and the courage they bring


The book will blow pages

to the breezes that rise

like dandelion seeds

wafting in skies


The children will shine

with light in their eyes

when they only love truth

and despise enemy lies


They will fight in the battle

against sloth and the grave

when they love learning and life

spreading truth like a wave.


Salamander waits

for the time to be ripe

when the children will come

to carry this light


The battle is ancient

with an evil enemy bold

but Right always wins

when a good story’s told


The universe spins

and spirals in hope

it’s balanced on truth

and in love it floats


But bumped from its balance

with marred symmetry

by a people who settle

for a poor mimicry


But today we must wait

while we hope and we pray

for bright childlike faith

to vanquish this gray