The Glory of Story


the glory of story


the mind renews as it moves

not revolving on thought in a ring

but winding through the seasons of truth

like a progressing spiraling spring


the mind, it needs new thought

not original fabricated absurdity

but new light on old truths

giving strength to their validity


the mind, it thrives to be remade

in insightful intricacies

that can only be absorbed

through artful allegories


the mind, it starves on steady diet

of TV’s commercial disturbance

of useless theme and empty plot

brought to you by Geico insurance


the mind, it withers without story

like a dolphin in a dragnet

it cannot hope for open sea

when all its dreams are stagnate


and so good stories, the classic tales,

all come to the same conclusion

because of the different and beautiful light

they shine the timeless truths in



A Mysterious Infernal Letter


My Dear Wormwood,

I was entertained to hear your reports of these riots. Destruction of property and organized chaos are always a desirable situation for us, but you should not be too proud of your accomplishments here. You young tempters are always quick to congratulate yourselves on manifesting symptoms when you should be focusing on spreading disease. It is not nearly enough to incite a young man to smash windows. You must be sure he is smashing windows out of the depths of a rotten heart and not just because everyone else is doing it.

For you, the important focus for the exploitation of any socioeconomically charged situation is the promotion of the concept of Scarcity. The old church fathers used to call this covetousness. We, of the glorious underworld, in recent years have intellectualized this concept and reintroduced it as the more academically palatable concept of Scarcity. Men conduct themselves with considerable decorum when they have nothing to fight over. In truth, once a man is satisfied with good food and a wife, it is difficult to rouse him to fight over the most blatant social slights. A comfortable seasoned man will overlook almost any offense short of imminent death and destruction of property, provided that that offense comes in slow digestible degrees. The best way to turn men against one another is to distract them from the Enemies’ faithful provision and turn their hearts to chase after insatiable things.

And so the great charade is to disparage the valuable and exalt the inferior. We introduce false resources in the place of real resources, glorify the false resources, then make them scarce. For example: we replace home cooked meals with restaurants, storytelling with Hollywood movies, durable well-tailored ensembles with shapeless friable name-brand clothing, and so on ad nauseam. Not only are our substitutes cheaper, but they are more expensive. In the very best cases the whole family will be so caught up in the pursuit of the worthless that they will completely sacrifice everything they have of value right down to the splitting of the marital covenant. This is an especially delicious circumstance. If you do ever gain the expertise to bring this situation about, which I highly doubt, you will savor the suffering to the utmost.

Now you might be surprised at the efficacy of this travesty in a country with mandatory free education for all children. You and I both know that education is what the student makes of it; and that any child, willing to power down the screen and apply themselves to the Enemy’s disciplines, namely: physics, mathematics, chemistry, and classic literature or any other despicable practice that He has mercifully bestowed to allow men to lift their minds from the glorious rubble of the Great Fall, will in due time reap what he sows; namely the material benefits associated with useful specialized knowledge. The deep magic of the universe only allows oaks to sprout from acorns. The Enemy will not be mocked and therefore we cannot gather our precious thorns from fig trees. We must be content to grow our own educational thorns up the academic lattice that the fig tree provides. The standardized teaching of Darwinism to young children is our most obvious and fruitful vine here, but do not forget your daily bread. You may feel that you are getting no where with your consistent emasculation of the young boy with your feminist doctrine, but carefully played out he will grow into an exquisitely impotent wimp. Never for a moment let a young girl think she would not be unfulfilled as a homemaker, until her added neglect of home and children in total pursuit of career yields up for her whorish offspring full of addiction; only then you will let her see clearly and unleash the fury of guilt to bend her back. Our crown achievement is not that we have replaced Creationism with Darwinism but that we have replaced truth with humanism. Even the wisest student will have to fight though our thorns to gather any figs of truth. Public education is gloriously bedizened with our good vices. Just because a man is educated does not mean he is wise, and increasingly so, the more a man is educated the more he falls directly into our delusions.

The Enemy’s world is full of useful things for those made in His image to enjoy. The children of men are in and of themselves a valuable natural resource. In this land of plenty we must fight an uphill battle to sustain our illusion of scarcity. Any sense of scarcity must be self-imposed. The vermin that He has created to be the sheep of His pasture, have, in by gone generations, been more like sheep: content with green pasture and still water. Everywhere the eyes turns it can be full of beauty or imagine potential beauty. Ugh! The putrid pulchritude of planet Earth! I try to wear my besmirching goggles at all times when visiting. When man realizes that there is no such thing as scarce resources only scarce imagination our cards will be laid out on the table and the game will be over. Thank our Father Below for the post-modern snobbery of the cutting edge man.

The Industrial revolution has with public sanitation of drinking water and the proliferation of antibiotics has nearly deprived us of opportunity to harvest suffering from the anguish of sickness, but it has spread the blight of covetousness over the general populace from which we reap all kinds of iniquitous delights. In by gone days we could only hope to reap such rapacious gluttony among the most well to do humans. The most delightful thing about the whole so called middle-class is that they have little to no idea how wealthy they really are compared to the rest of the world. These liberal types who go about slandering entrepreneurs for being the wealthy 10% are themselves in the top 10% of the world. You’d think they’d understand from simple mathematics that there is always another 10% of 10% down to infinity, but the lovely thing about being of the League of Damnable Tempters is that people believe what they want to believe. Your job is to make them want Lies. Always counter any sentiments of thankfulness with covetousness. When your human considers how thankful he is to have a car with air conditioning, suggest to him how nice it would be to have better speakers. If she starts to feel glad she has a clean house suggest to her how a new couch would really make everything so much nicer. If they are aware of and inclined to be charitable to those who are truly impoverished suggest that society ought to be more charitable, never themselves mind you. Always suggest that the government or somebody more well-off ought to be in the business of charity. Once you have harnessed the power of covetousness, the modern man’s mind will be your personal parlor to entertain all manner of fear. One of the Enemy’s warriors, Harriet Tubman, said, “I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves.” The most productive slaves believe they are freemen.

This myth of scarcity intertwines easily with ignorance to inflame that age old virtue of racism, even amongst a people who have already made significant gains towards weeding it out. If the haves and have-nots can be dichotomized as easily as skin tone can be discerned, the signal to hate will be plainer than a Star of David emblazoned on the left arm and everywhere a man turns his eye will be full of rancor. We know that harboring hate in the heart is the spiritual equivalent of being pregnant with murder. When the seeds of covetousness sprout under the warm moisture of racism, it blossoms riots which yield the fruit of bloodshed. This is the disease we seek to spread.

So long as a man feels that the only slavery to be overcome is that of his own particular people groups recent past, he can be duped into snuggling into that smug sense of security that comes from believing he has pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. When he forgets that it was his father’s desperate call to the Enemy to free him, he will be blind to the Enemy’s call to free others still in slavery. As long as he whittles away his energies plotting petty revenges on his supposed saboteur instead of harnessing his passion into freeing his fellow man, all the momentum gained by past generations will be castrated and rendered impotent for further good. As long as a man feels that he is poor and oppressed he will not care about the concentration camps of North Korea, sex trafficking in Russia and China, or child soldiers all over Africa. If he were to fall on his knees and beg the Enemy to free the slaves the way his father’s father did, we would be in serious trouble. But come now, with so much cheap entertainment available – thanks to our Father Below – we are in little danger of that happening.

As an aside note, I would like to berate you for your foolish fear that law enforcement body cameras will hinder our efforts. Remember Wormwood, it is the disease we spread not the symptoms. If man does not regard Justice as a virtue, it does not matter what is filmed it only matters how the film is interpreted by the public. People will only see what they want to see. It is our job to make them want to see what we want them to see. Besides, the only thing easier to manipulate than film, is a hateful heart.

Your Affectionate Uncle,