Lovers Chase



The sunrise moves its reaching light

like a curious gentle wave

washing and retrieving

the land that night had claimed


She graces through the grasses

like a watercolor brush

leaving wet drops to dry

In the still and sleepy hush


She reaches further onward

untangling shadows from the trees

waking their nightly residents

snuggled beneath the leaves


The morning moves on yonder

pulling on lighted breeze

the mighty sun up from her chamber

to ride the canopy


The sun commands in rapt attention

each photosynthesizing leaf

they bow warm heads as she exits

like a blazing sword into its sheath


Evening descends and drifts along

with ghostly creeping grace

he calls to twilight as she goes

and kisses her turning face


She leaves the delicate lightening bugs

to twinkle in the grasses
he unrolls the shadows through wood

deepening as he passes


The owls arrive to call their news

from glen up to the ridges

while bats stream out like pouring rain

from under darkened bridges


And now the sunrise

winks a brightly playful eye

to see the things that night has done

while on the other side