Sun Rise

Red Wings Rising

The red is rising With the sun And melts upon the water . The sand it runs Before the wind Dusting where it flutters . The opening space expanding Spans … Continue Reading →


The Sabbath of Singleness: A Travel Log

Every body continues in its state of rest Or uniform motion in a right line Unless it is compelled to change that state By forces impressed upon it. -Isaac Newton … Continue Reading →


Heaven and the Midgaurd Serpent

On wild winter nights the Vikings In want of springtime light Wove stories round their fire rings Allegories of Godly might. . About how the works of righteousness Executed for self-glory … Continue Reading →

Meaning in the Mountains

(Part I – Formed in Wrath)   “When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears”…. . When the earth heaved up its strength And bared … Continue Reading →

A Worthy Promise

Pain Unwasted

the quiet empty of the Lonely like the clipping of the bonsai tree ——-creates an empty space ——-where superficial is erased and creates a beauty in simplicity (i am free) … Continue Reading →