Heaven and the Midgaurd Serpent

On wild winter nights the Vikings In want of springtime light Wove stories round their fire rings Allegories of Godly might. . About how the works of righteousness Executed for self-glory … Continue Reading →

The view from pigeon mountain. #themountainiscalling #rockclimbing #campingtrip #getoutdoors #vista #friendshipismagic

Meaning in the Mountains

(Part I – Formed in Wrath)   “When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears”…. . When the earth heaved up its strength And bared … Continue Reading →

A Worthy Promise

Pain Unwasted

the quiet empty of the Lonely like the clipping of the bonsai tree ——-creates an empty space ——-where superficial is erased and creates a beauty in simplicity (i am free) … Continue Reading →


The Viking and the Princess (Part I)

The Viking and the Princess -1- Once upon a time in the mighty raging Northland there was a brave and wild viking who, despite his great successes in exploration and … Continue Reading →

Signs of Spring

Wings of Spring

. Flighty sparrows flitting fast around buzzing budding trees being Spring’s full-blooded version of Autumn’s dancing leaves. . Buzzing bees in flower wars hum on thrumming growing ground. The sprightly … Continue Reading →

that way

A Firmly Established Attitude of Creative Thankfulness: What My Husband Taught Me about Money

I can’t wait to spend money. I feel like an obese person looking at a carton of ice cream when I see dollar bills. No natural self control in this … Continue Reading →


Extreme Ownership: How Stay At Home Moms Apply Battle Wisdom from U.S. Navy SEAL Team Leaders

I lost 15 pounds, decluttered my house, and got my children to behave over the holidays and all I had to do was completely realign my value system to U.S. … Continue Reading →

morning star

Not Your Typical Nativity Story

When the sounds of the scuffle in the entryway of the inn surpassed that of the ruckus of the inn guests, the innkeeper knew he had to intervene. He was … Continue Reading →


The Soulfies and the SelfOwn

Once upon a time there was a normal girl who lived in a nice neighborhood and went to a good school. In fact, I think you might know her, or … Continue Reading →

Life up out of death

The Absurdity of Morality as a Moral Standard

I was asked by a very intelligent friend where the Bible lays out basic standards for Christian behavior, which is an awesome question, and I had to think about it, … Continue Reading →